Vitacon innovates again and launches an investment opportunity starting at USD250 with return of up to 12,8% per year

SAO PAULO, Dec. 19, 2018 – — Vitacon, a leading construction company that is revolutionizing the way people live in São Paulo, is launching one more investment opportunity for people seeking new options for earning income and diversifying their portfolios. The company, which for the past nine years has been incentivizing the shared economy in its residential developments, is launching the possibility for any investor to invest directly USD250 in a CD, a fixed income security issued by Banco Topázio, with a 24-month maturity, which allows for annual yields of up to 12.8%.

Investments are made through an internet platform, developed in partnership with CapRate, which allows for a simple investment procedure of a few clicks, with no management fees, no bureaucracy for those seeking to diversify, and a good opportunity to become a developer in the real estate market and earn in partnership with Vitacon.

This new method, P2P Lending, is similar to one introduced in 2015, when Vitacon launched the first real estate crowdfunding, which surpassed expectations and created an international benchmark in the field, raising 28% above what was expected for the construction of the VN Cardoso de Melo building in a very prime location of São Paulo, scheduled for delivery next year.

The financial return, according to Vitacon, accrues from the liquidity of its real estate developments – “We’re proposing a different kind of investment, democratizing the way people invest. We want to simplify and give access to the way smaller investors can put their money to work, and most important of all, to do so with transparency and profitability,” said Vitacon CEO, Alexandre Lafer Frankel.

According to the company, this kind of investment combines investors’ two key preferences: for fixed income tied to a company with solid fundamentals in the real estate market.

About the company – Vitacon reinvents the way people live in the cities. The firm is a leader in the Brazilian real estate market and operates in São Paulo. Its buildings are innovative real estate developments that improve people’s lives by implementing concepts of sharing, coworking, services and a full range of daily life practical solutions. Buildings that feature design, practicality, smart space, mobility and are income producers. The company promotes a new kind of urban living.  

Contact: (55 11) 3588-4101

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