Cisco and Green Sands Equity (GSE) Backed Video Artificial Intelligence (AI) Company, N3N, Prepares for Initial Public Offering (IPO)

“We are currently building an AI video technology solution that will reduce risk of crises like the wildfires that took too many lives here in California,” said N3N CEO, Sam Nam.  “The human eye misses things an AI enabled video does not, empowering authorities to take action immediately to fight small newly ignited fires instead of the deadly wildfires we have seen the last few years in CA.”

“One of the challenges of Enterprise and Industrial IOT industry has been the demand to discard all we know to operate according to the new systems,” said Reema Khan, CEO Green Sands Equity (GSE). “There is an endless need for sensors, data collection, data management, and software that don’t easily integrate or build on top of each other, especially if it’s not the same maker. N3N has the foresight and the maturity to know how to respectfully and seamlessly integrate with existing systems and move enterprise and industry into the future. A great innovator like N3N does not interrupt to disrupt, they bridge the present to the future without interruption. It’s the only way to have fast and sustainable traction.”

“The upcoming IPO will provide the resources to expand our work here in the US,” Mr. Nam said, providing insight regarding N3N’s future. “We will not only grow our existing products that support over 300 factories for Samsung, Hyundai-Kia Motors and others, but also plan to explore new partnerships and possibilities.  Our partnerships with municipalities serving over 5 million people are revealing the power of AI to save lives which is really exciting.  Through continued global partnership and investment we believe together we can make a better tomorrow.”

About N3N
N3N revolutionized the use of video for industry operations and smart city artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT) technology. Today N3N leads the world in innovation by blending data from existing devices, video management systems, sensors and more to gain powerful insights into operations that can be used to optimize utilization resources while reducing costs. N3N’s employees are dedicated to making the best products and leaving communities they serve better than they found them.


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